Pictures of asian clothing

We love the vibrantly coloured, richly ornamented ones in particular! Herero women, Namibia The traditional dress of the Herero women in Namibia is an adaptation of Victorian dress, as worn by the German colonists they fought in a bloody conflict at the start of the twentieth century, and now retained as a proud part of Herero identity. Traje de flamenco or traje de gitana are the flamboyant dresses that finish in tgp video shower cascade of ruffles volanteswhich are synonymous with the flamenco dancers of southern Spain.

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In Pictures: The Beginner’s Guide To Asian Traditional Ethnic Clothing

Laosclosing Lao women wear the silk skirts, blouses and scarves to attend important ceremonies. The best destinations in Vietnam. There are many variations on the basic styles depending on the area and on fashion, from the pom-pom hats of the Black Forest bollenhut to thoroughly modern versions:

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Pictures of asian clothing
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Pictures of asian clothing
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In pictures: traditional dress around the world

Seoul is a frenetic, modern city, and its pop culture is taking over the world, but at its heart are a series of beautiful royal palaces such as Gyeongbokgung. Traditional costumes of ten Southeast Asian countries. Indonesian men generally wear sarongs usually with a checkered pattern in the home.

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Pictures of asian clothing
Pictures of asian clothing
Pictures of asian clothing

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